Sunshine Coast Athletics


Halfmoon Bay

Please note: If you are renting more than one type of plywood sign (e.g. caution and arrows), you can select an option from the drop down list, "add item", then go back and select a different option and "add item" again, as many times as needed to make your selection.

Conditions of rental:

  1. Standard rental period: up to 6 days. For longer periods ask us about pricing.
  2. A deposit of $100 is required upon pickup when renting Timing Clock or Ultrak Printer Timer. Local cheques accepted, will not be cashed unless equipment replacement or repair is required.
  3. Equipment must be returned in the same condition as when picked up. Double fees will be charged if items require cleaning (signs, cones, coolers, start/finish banners) or folding (banner tape, visi-vests).
  4. Full replacement required if lost, stolen or damaged. See for replacement costs (on PDF rate sheet).
  5. To get sponsor rates (50% off): Westwood Fitness Solutions banners must be posted at start and finish; Westwood Fitness Solutions logo or Name/Phone must apear in event marketing materials (web or print). If these conditions are met, we will provide you with a promotion code you can enter on this form.
    Note that there is no charge for the start/finish banners with the sponsorship rate, but since the discount is applied to all items equally on this form, you need to select the sponsorship rate banners from the list to avoid being charged for them.