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Registrations are now closed.


Saskatoon Cycledelia Road Racing Club


Monday, September 03, 2018 - Sunday, September 23, 2018


Various Parks in Saskatoon

Registration closes on:

Saturday, September 22, 2018 at 11:59 PM - Central Time (Saskatchewan)

2018 Belgian Cup

The “Belgian Cup“

Cycledelia Regional Cyclocross Series

September 3, 9, 16 and 23, 2018

The 2018 “Belgian Cup” will be a celebration of Cyclocross!

Individual races will be 40 and 20 minutes to provide participants with the full Cyclocross experience while also serving as training and practice for the Sask Cup Cyclocross series.

Experienced racers (Cat 1/2, Cat 3, Cat 4, and Senior Women) will race for approximately 40 minutes. 

New racers, Cat 6, Cat 5, and 4 / 5 Women will race for approximately 25 minutes.

Both groups will compete on the same course.

Membership Requirements for the “Belgian Cup” Cycledelia Regional Cyclocross Series:
Racers must hold a SCA membership to participate in the “Belgian Cup” Cycledelia Regional Cyclocross Series.  If you don’t have an SCA membership, please consider signing up for one with a
Cycledelia membership.

Disc brakes and mountain bikes are allowed for all “Belgian Cup” Cycledelia Regional Cyclocross Series races and SCA Sask Cup Cyclocross Series races.

Registration Fees: $15 / race, OR $45 for the 4-race Belgian Cup series

Registration will be through RegistrationLogic, online only.

Registration Form

Participant Listing

Course Setup:                                    12 Noon

Registration:                                      2:00 – 2:30 PM (for both Short & Long Race participants)

Course Available for Pre-Ride        2:00 PM

Short Race Start:                              3:00 PM

Course open for one lap                at end of Short Race

Long Race Start:                               4:00 PM

Course Tear Down                           5:00 PM

Race Schedule

September 3 (Monday):   Churchill Park (North of Wilson, South of Ruth and East of Clarence)

September 9:  Kistakin Park (South of Arlington, West of Easthill, North East of Eastview)

September 16:  Sidney L. Buckwold Park (North of Degeer between McKercher and Boychuk)

September 23:  Dr. Gerhard Herzberg Park (South of Acadia between Dalhousie and Campion)


There will be three categories for point series prizes:

40 minute race – Women

40 minute race – Men

20 minute race – Women

20 minute race - Men

If there are 10 or more racers in the 40 minute categories, the top 5 will be eligible for prizes.  If there are fewer than 10, the top 3 racers will be eligible for prizes.

The top 3 racers will be eligible for prizes in the 25 minute race.

Series Points:

Points towards the Series will be awarded at each race.

For races (by Category) withmore than TEN racers:

For races withfewer than TEN racers:

10 points – 1st

5 points – 1st

8 points – 2nd

4 points – 2nd

6 points – 3rd

3 – 3rd

5 – 4th

2 – 4th

4 – 5th

1 – 5th to last finisher

3 – 6th

0 if DNF or DNS

2 – 7th

1 – 8th to last finishing rider

0 if DNF or DNS

Race Organizer - Janice Matus  

See Cycledelia website for details