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Saskatoon Cycledelia Road Racing Club


Sunday, June 17, 2018 - Friday, July 06, 2018

Registration closes on:

Friday, July 06, 2018 at 8:00 PM - Central Time (US & Canada)

Sask Cup Provincial 15K Time Trial and Road Race Championship 2018

Registration Fees:  $20/event or $30 for both events

Race Organizer- Karen Cranston, 306-955-6220 or

Sponsored by Cycledelia Racing Club of Saskatoon              

Please use your SCA race number (or one will be assigned).  One number may be used on the

right hip pocket for the Time Trial.  For the Road race, put 1 number on the

right side pocket and 1 number on the right side of chest/back as per diagram. 

Numbers may not be folded, cut or overlapped.

Online Registration available at Registration Logic from June 17 until midnight July 6.

Sask Cup Provincial 15K Time Trial

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Location:  The time trial start will be near the Hamlet of Grandora west of Saskatoon, 3km south of Highway 14 (the intersection of Township Road 364 and Range Road 3075).   The race route will go east on Township Road 364, turn around and return to the Start/Finish Line.  You may park along the roadside or in the ditches except on the course or in the area of the Start/Finish line.

Please note there is highway construction just past Saskatoon on Highway 14 that may impact your driving time to the course.  Plan accordingly.

Registration:  3:00 to 3:45 pm near the start line.  First rider off at 4:00 pm.

Please note the following:

  • The course involves going over 1 railway crossings that does not have signal lights and is used very rarely.  Please proceed with caution. 

  • There are no washroom facilities at this site.  Please do not use any private land as a washroom.

  • The start list will be posted on the SCA van as soon as possible after 3:45.  Medals will be awarded as soon as possible after the last rider has finished.

Junior gear (7.93 meters) rollouts for U19 riders will take place near the Start line between 3:30 and 3:45. 

  • U19 categories will not be subject to bike and equipment restrictions. (Bikes must still conform to UCI rules and Junior gearing rules).

  • U17 riders are required to use their standard road race bike (no TT-specific bikes allowed) for all Time Trials. Time trial helmets are not allowed. May use clip-on aero bars for TT races.  Wheels must be low-profile, non-carbon (may not exceed 40mm).

  • U15 riders and under are required to use their standard road race bike (no TT-specific bikes allowed) for all Time Trials.  Time trial helmets and aero bars are not allowed.  Wheels must be low-profile, non-carbon (may not exceed 40mm).

Sask Cup Provincial Road Race

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Location:  Waldheim, SK, approximately 53 km north of Saskatoon on Highway 12 N / 312 N. The road race course is triangular circuit of approximately 35KM.  Parking and washroom facilities are located at the Waldheim Recreation Center (at the intersection of 2nd Street North and 3rd Avenue North).

Please note there is highway construction at Martensville that may impact your driving time to the course.  Plan accordingly.


Registration:  10:00 to 10:30 am

Start times: All categories of racers are requested to start staging at 10:50 am on 3rd Avenue East adjacent to the Waldheim Recreation Center. Please line up for roll call behind the vehicle for your category in the following order:

Race start times:

11:00   Group 4:  Senior Men- 3 laps = 100K                                                             

11:05   Group 3:  Senior Women, Junior Men & Women, Master A & B Men & Women- 2 laps = 76K

11:10   Group 2:  Master C, D, & E Men & Women- 1 lap = 33K      

11:15   Group 1:  U17 Men & Women- 1 lap = 33K

Junior gear (7.93 meters) rollouts for U19 riders will take place near the Staging area between 10:30 and 10:45.           



Please note the following:

  • Racers may only ride with people who are in the same group as they are. If you are dropped from your group, you may not ride with someone from another group. If one group catches another group, the group that is being caught must pull completely over and allow enough room for the faster group to pass by safely without crossing the center line. If you are riding alone or in a small group, please stay on the shoulder or as close to the shoulder as possible for your own safety!

  • Corner marshals will be available at the corners and at the finish line. These marshals will make every effort to stop traffic for the turns, but racers must proceed with caution. Please follow the instructions of the volunteers at all times. Also, please be aware that the corners and the feed zone are neutral zones where no attacks are allowed. This zone includes the area 25 meters before and after the cones in the feed zone. There will not be a rolling enclosure or closed course.

  • Racers who ride on or cross over the center line will be penalized 1 minute for each time that a Commissaire or designate observes them crossing the center line for any reason. Racers are not allowed to cross the center line in an attempt to pass the pack or gain an advantage and should not put themselves in a position that they could get “pushed” over the center line while trying to draft. Also, please do not cross the center line at corners. Commissaires are instructed to be very strict with this rule, for your own safety and in the best interest of all competitors.

  • Only official Commissaire and follow vehicles will be allowed to follow any race. Spectators and feeders may carefully drive to the feed zone but may only pass a racer or a group when it is safe to do so.  There is limited parking in this area and feeders should be prepared to walk.  They may not follow any racer for any length of time and may not park on the course or on the shoulder of the highway at any time. This is for the safety of all racers as the course is not long enough to allow extra vehicles.

  • Feeding will only be allowed from the south side of the road. No feeding will be allowed on the first lap for any of the categories unless authorized by the Commissaires.

  • In case of flats, neutral wheels will be available in the official follow vehicles only. Racers should bring wheels labeled with your name, race number and the gear to the appropriate marked vehicle in the staging area at 10:40 am. Racers will be responsible for changing the flat themselves and may not be motor paced back to the group.

Medical Services provided by the Saskatoon Medical First Response Team.