Registrations are closed

Registrations are now closed and sorry but we will not be able to make any exceptions. Hope to eee you next year instead.

Sold Out

Sorry, this event is sold out.
TriBC Membership Deduction: $15
  • Eligible in both Individual categories
  • Requires a valid 2017 membership number
  • The member number format has changed for 2017 and previous numbers will not be accepted. 
Relay Team Registration Process
** Please note all relay teams are categorized as 'Championship' 
  1. The team captain will fill out the form initially by creating and adding the team name. This name will be checked for availability.
  2. He/she will then add themselves as a team member and specify their role as they work through the form.
  3. Additional team members must be assigned a role and then 'invited' by the captain  ... automatically sending an email to them to join the team.
  4. They will then go online and fill in their personal data.