Registrations are closed

Registrations are now closed. Please visit the website for details on registering in-person at package pickup.


United Cycle


Sunday, May 28, 2017


Peter Hemingway Pool - Edmonton

Registration closes on:

Sunday, June 25, 2017 at 11:59 PM - Mountain Time (US & Canada)

Please read EVERYTHING carefully, and enter accurate data. You will not be able to edit your information once you submit payment.

By submitting your registration online, you acknowledge that you understand our REFUND POLICY: There is absolutely no refund of your entry, no roll-over of your entry to a future year, and no transfer to another person, once you've submitted your information and made payment online.

2.Your race entry fee can be paid by VISA or MASTERCARD. On your credit statement, the name "Registration Logic" will be shown under the transaction for the payment of the Coronation Triathlon.

3. Race entry fees are as follows:   

EVENT  Until
Dec 31
Jan 31 
Apr 30 
May 25
Standard $80  $90 $110  $120
Duathlon  $80  $90  $110  $120
Kids of Steel $45  $50 $55 $60
Tri - it
(Ages 12+)
$70 $75 $85  $95
JR ELITE (Max 40 athletes) $70 $75 $85 $95
     Tri it $120 $130 $140 $150
     Standard $130 $150 $170 $190
     Duathlon $130 $150 $170 $190
     Kids of Steel $70 $80 $90 $100

**  All KOS participants must be ATA members before registering.  If you wish to become an annual member  visit

4. Please provide a valid E-MAIL ADDRESS that you check regularly.
IMPORTANT updates and CRITICAL race information will be e-mailed to each registrant.

5. 2017 Triathlon AB (ATA), Triathlon BC (TriBC), and Triathlon Sask. (STAC) Annual members are exempt of purchasing the mandatory one-day ATA membership for insurance coverage. The purchase of one-day ATA membership ($20 for adults) is done automatically during the online registration process for registrants who do not provide a valid annual member number. 
All KOS participants must be ATA members before registering.
If you wish to become an annual member  visit  

6. Online registration closes on May 25, 2016 at 8:00 p.m. after that date you can register at the race pickup location.

7.  The price shown above does not include the online processing fee of $2.00 per registration plus 3.3% of the event fee.