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Kamloops Triathlon Club


Saturday, January 23, 2016


Stake Lake

Registration closes on:

Saturday, January 23, 2016 at 8:00 AM - Pacific Time (US & Canada)


Event - Polarthon Revival - Winter Triathlon


Organizer - River City Racers Speed Skating Club

Event Date - January 23, 2016

Location - Stake Lake, BC


Registration closes  - midnight January 15, 2016 - late fee applied following this date up until midnight January 21. Day prior and day of registration subject to additional late charge fee.


Welcome to the Polarthon Revival event.  This is a winter triathlon, originally hosted in Logan Lake but moved to Stake Lake this season so the new winter triathlon format of the International Triathlon Union (ITU) can be realized. The winter triathlon today is about where the summer triathlon was in the 1970’s and 80’s.  An idea - but an idea that has caught on fire in some communities - especially Quebec - where this year they are hosting Winter Triathlon World Cups.

The mission statement of the Polarthon is to promote healthy outdoor winter activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family and to introduce young and older to the emerging sport of Winter Triathlon.  

Elite and age groupers can participate in the races that are open to athletes of all levels.

Solo or in a team relay you must complete, one after the other on a continuous basis, the 3 following disciplines:

S3 - snow shoe - skate - ski    



Disciplines must be completed one after the other, in the order presented above.

After each disciplines, you must enter the transition zone to complete the course, change your equipment and start the next discipline.

A Triathlon runs without interruption between each disciplines. Transition time is included in the total race time. Timing stops only when you reach the finish line at the end of the third discipline.

You must provide all the required equipment to complete your Triathlon.


When - Saturday January 23, 2016

10:00 start for 111 event

11:00 start for the S3 event


Where - Stake Lake, BC (home of the Overlander Ski Club)


Participant Formats and  costs** by Jan 15 | by Jan 21 | by Jan 23

111 Event

Participants complete a 1km snow shoe, 1km skate, and a 1km ski

Solo Participant

under 10 yrs (age day of race) $10.00 | $10.00 | $15.00

Junior and adults $15.00 | $20.00 | $25.00


any combination $15.00 | $20.00 | $25.00


S3 Event

Participants complete approximately a 2km snow shoe - 6km skate - 5km ski (this is approx half the official ITU S3 distance)

Solo Participant

U19 female (age day of race) $25.00 | $25.00 | $30.00

U19 male (age day of race) $25.00 | $25.00 | $30.00

Adult female $40.00 | $45.00 | $50.00

Adult male $40.00 | $45.00 | $50.00


Team  (2 or 3 participants)

Female $60.00 | $65.00 | $75.00

Male $60.00 | $65.00 | $75.00

Family $55.00 | $60.00 | $65.00

Mixed $60.00 | $65.00 | $75.00


**no refunds



It will be a snow shoe - ski event.  The ski portion is two laps of the course so if  you are a team of three - two participants could do the ski portion - each taking one lap. (each lap being aprox 3km)