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Taylor has recently been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour. Please help us raise funds for Hair Massacure.
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Taylor has been fighting cancer since birth and she is now 9 years old. She was born with a walnut sized tumor (anaplastic ependymoma) in her left temporal lobe and she had brain surgery to remove the tumor at 6 days old. She received chemotherapy for the first year of her life, receiving cytotoxic chemicals by IV every two weeks as an in-patient at the Stollery Children’s hospital. After a gruelling year, shortly after her first birthday, the tumor came back in the same area and she again received brain surgery to remove the tumor, followed by 33 days of radiation therapy to her brain. A few months later, we had another scare and were told that Taylor’s cancer was back, but had spread to her cerebrospinal fluid (CSF).  We planned a trip to Disneyland and prepared for the worst, but after some additional tests - the cancer was GONE!  We were given a miracle!

For the next 7 years Taylor was cancer free!!!  She has always been a force to be reckoned with, determined, exuding energy and sunshine. When Taylor smiles she always has a little devil spark in her eyes, and has the most incredible laugh.

On October 31st, 2017 the monster called, the cancer was back, but now in a new form, and new location. Taylor’s new cancer (infiltrating astrocytoma) is a brain tumour, but it is not able to be fought by chemotherapy. She was only able to have minimal radiation (5 days) for symptom management (the tumor is too close to her brain stem and had previously been radiated, so it can’t be treated again).  The best chance of fighting this new tumour is to cut it out, but because of its location in the pons, and the proximity to her brainstem, it is inoperable.  

Taylor’s mom Miranda, her aunt Leah, and her dad Landon, are all pinking and shaving our heads this year in honour of Taylor.  Please help raise awareness and help more kids fight this horrible disease by supporting us with a donation to this very worthy cause.

Please help me support children with life-threatening illnesses through Hair Massacure 2018.

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Hair Massacure is a fundraising event in support of Children's Wish Foundation of Canada and Alberta Cancer Foundation. Fundraising is imperative to the success of this event. Both charities share a common goal in supporting children diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

Please Note: Tax Receipts are issued for donations of $25 or more. Donors will receive 1 tax receipt from each charity for ½ the donation amount.

Barb Scully $40.00
Marian Hay Be strong! $50.00
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White Resources $200.00
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Bella Krepps You are all so courageous. God love you all. My thoughts are with you often. $100.00
Owen McGoldrick $100.00
Gord Gifford $100.00
Edwina Franco Taylor is such a brave soldier, I will donate to all 3 of you for a total of 60.00 $20.00