June Newsletter

  • June Newsletter

    Auto Follow Up - Series

    As an addition to our auto follow up emails to individual registrants, we have now updated that function to include those with a Series registration. As similar to the details for the individual follow up, a person with a Series registration will be sent the follow up emails based on their registration status.

    For more details about the automated emails - Click Here

    Membership API

    We have added an API to our system to allow external parties to connect to our system and check if a person is a "Current" member as registered on our system. This allows those clients with membership style pages on our system to then allow other registration providers the ability to check your member data to see if they are a paid member.

    For more details about the membership API - Email Chris

    Visa Debit Transactions

    In the past we have had some Visa Debit transactions decline on the first attempt. This was an issue with the settings at our Payment Gateway provider and has now been fixed.

    by Matt   |   June 20, 2017