Seamlessly integrate online fundraising pages into your events.

  • Registration Logic can seamlessly add an online fundraising module onto your event.

    Easily manage whether your participants can raise money for your partner charity or provide them with the option to raise money for the charity of their choice.

    Participants can quickly and easily create a fundraising page in minutes, send to their friends, publish to facebook or other social media in no time. Charities can be automatically notified when a participant creates a fundraising page for their charity. Participants can be notified every time they receive a donation. Tax receipts are issued on behalf of the charity at the time of donation - no need for messy paperwork and posting out of receipts!

    Add to this that our fundraising solution is the most cost effective event based fundraising solution in the country and you can see why charities are signing up.

    Are you a charity and would a) like more information or b) are interested in signing up so event participants can start raising money for your charity through our network of events? Great! Contact Us today for more information.

    Planning a fundraising only event? No problem! Our software easily adapts to provide a simple sign up process for participants so they can start raising money in no time.

Easy Integration

A simple Yes / No question added to the registration process and the participant can be found in the fundraising search and be collecting sponsors immediately!

Process Donations

Payments by VISA and MasterCard  are processed in real time online by Registration Logic saving you the need to set up an online merchant account. Donations and registrations automatically reconciled and paid to the correct recipient.

Automatic Receipts

Receipts are issued immediately via email by Registration Logic on the charities behalf. Charities can be copied in to ensure a full trail at all times.

Cost Effective

Registration Logic  offers the most cost effective event based fundraising solutionin the country!

Dynamic Pages

Fundraising pages automatically rearrange to optimise a potential sponsors experience no matter what device they are using, whether it be a computer, tablet or phone.

Spread the Word

Participants, fundraisers and their sponsors can quickly and easily share their fundraising page, requests, donations and more with via their social network or via email ensuring as many people are reached as possible in a short period of time.

There is no charge to either add fundraising to your existing event OR set up a fundraising only event OR sign up as a charity! A small processing fee is charged on each transaction.
No you do not need your own merchant account to use our services, just a standard Canadian bank account.
You can accept Visa and MasterCard cards by default when using our system.
Processed donations are paid out to charities each week directly into their nominated bank account.